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Our Solution

  • Complete System
    Single source of compliance tracking and data input for efficient aggregation and reporting of information from everywhere you work.
  • Cloud-based
    Requires no special hardware, application software downloads, or applets. Seamless upgrades as regulations evolve. No capital investment.
  • Vendor-neutral
    Employ standalone or as a complement to your existing HIS, RIS, CVIS, PACS or other information systems.
  • Affordable
    Subscription-based pricing allows you to keep the majority of your incentive payment.
  • Real-time "MU-Meter"
    All users can see compliance real time for all patient visits and exams, plus you can see real time audits of your site-specific and physician specific compliance statistics.
  • Completely Certified
    DR Systems' eHR has been completely certified by InfoGuard Laboratories, Inc. an ONC Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ATCB).

Did you know?

DR Systems' eHR - For Meaningful Use regulations are physician-centric, not facility-centric. Since you must aggregate data from all the locations where you practice, a cloud-based solution that can connect to all pre-existing systems is critical.

Did You Know?

The most efficient way to collect, continuously monitor compliance and report data is to use a single, complete certified ambulatory system.

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